Commercial EPDM Roofing 

EPDM (ethylene-propylene diene monomer) is a single-ply roofing membrane with a long and impressive track record. Sometimes referred to as rubber roofing, EPDM roofing is currently the most commonly used commercial roofing material in the U.S. for both new and replacement commercial roofs. EPDM roofing also offers some environmentally friendly aspects. Rather than retaining heat, EPDM roofing radiates a significant portion of absorbed energy away from the building, allowing it to cool faster at night, which saves on energy costs. EPDM roofing offers a long lifespan and requires infrequent replacement, also saving you money. It can be recycled and used for other purposes. EPDM roofing does not leech chemicals or release fumes or odors.


EPDM is a cost-effective commercial roofing option that is also easy to install. It is available in sheets with widths from 10 to 50 feet and lengths from 50 to 200 feet in a variety of thicknesses. EPDM roofing can be installed year-round in all types of weather and temperatures. EPDM roofing complies with virtually all building codes and requirements.


EPDM roofing offers the longest lifespan of commercial roofing options. The typical lifespan is 12 to 25 years but it can last up to 50 years. EDPM roofing provides exceptional durability. Its physical properties remain stable for decades, making repairs easy if required. It stays flexible in low temperatures and will return to its original shape after being stretched. EPDM roofing features superior moisture absorption resistance, making it more tolerable to trapped moisture than other commercial roofing membranes.










In addition, EPDM roofing is resistant to:

  • UV radiation

  • Ozone

  • Extreme weather, including hail

  • Abrasion

  • Acids, alkalis, and solvents

  • Thermal shock

  • Cyclic membrane fatigue


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